Monday, 7 May 2012

Posing With GM Jun Ometer

My cousin Emar Sta. Maria (former childhood boxing sparring partner) and brother-in-law Robert with GM Jun Ometer.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Fight Low To The Ground

This was taken from the video on a mock sparring with one of my private students against a neck choke from the back in the attempt to take me down.

From this position, balance is well maintained when the legs are spread apart and knees bent lower to the ground. An upward head-butt, strike to the face and groin can be fatal.The opponent's body can also become as a "pillar" or a "column" or "support" which is used to lean against in order to slow him down.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Avoid Locks

Locks are excellent and effective moves but they all require skills, strength and precision to be able to execute them. Not all martial artists are able to execute locks effectively and in real and practical fight, boxing techniques still dominate all defensive and offensive moves. For COJUKA fighters, hitting nerve points (limbs) hard by way of boxing moves comes first before locks are executed. It is always a common mistake to apply locks when the opponent is still fast, strong and uncertain. The COJUKA practitioner always treats his enemy as if he is armed with a deadly bladed weapon. The best way is to quickly react and avoid the incoming strike simultaneously parrying/ hitting the limbs with fatal punches.

Anticipate The Next Strike

Showing the student how to anticipate the next strike and how to move your body and to parry the incoming strike. Anticipation is always the key - it's either you parry the strike or simply "clip" the limbs into a locking position before they strike.